Brass vs. Lead

The monolithic construction of our bullets eliminates inherent problems found with jacketed lead core bullets. A few of the main reasons our bullets are superior to others on the market are:

  1. Swaged bullets may have varying jacket thickness which results in gyroscopic instability. Some match shooters invest time and resources into measuring this thickness to find a group that have a consistent jacket thickness. Our bullets eliminate this problem because the bullets are precisely machined resulting in each bullet being identical and true on its axis.
  2. Concentricity between the bullet body and the boat tail is much more difficult to maintain with swaged bullets versus our bullets with everything being machined perfectly true.
  3. Swaged bullets can also have the problem of jacket separation with some jacketed match bullets. There have been cases, especially if someone tries to shoot a swaged bullet too fast, where they separate in mid flight and disintegrate before reaching the target. Also, chances are that if you have killed enough game, you have come across a jacket in the animal without lead in it. Once separation occurs there is nothing to protect the lead and it can then pulverize into tiny pieces.
  4. Meplat diameters are inconsistent and ragged on Swaged hollow point bullets. Our Meplat, or nose tip diameters, are always the same perfectly round shape and flat on the end with bullet over all length precisely maintained. The hollow point is inspected to ensure it is precisely on the centerline of the bullet every time.
  5. Our solid brass bullets up to and including .375 caliber are consistant every time being within .40 grains in maximum weight deviation. Bullets over .375 caliber are maintained within .8 grains maximum weight deviation.  All of our bullets are concentric within .0001" and within .00015" in diameter.