ESP Raptor

The ESP Raptor bullets are the latest addition to the Cutting Edge Bullets product line. These bullets are absolutely the finest bullet ever made by anyone in the world. The Enhanced System Projectile, or ESP is a complete system bullet and incorporates a double ended BBW#13 nose profile on each end of the bullet. One end is a solid that when loaded in a cartridge with it sticking out, provides extremely deep penetration that can be used on animals where the absolute deepest penetration is desired. The other end is our hollow point design used in our dangerous game brass bullets that provides absolutely the best terminal performance you have ever seen along with penetration greater than any conventional jacketed bullet available. To top it all off, there is an add on tip that will be supplied that increases the BC by 2 to 3 times over the flat nose BBW#13 nose profile for excellent long range performance! These bullets are truly on the cutting edge and are so easy to develop a load for you will be amazed. Handloaders will be able to pick a speed they want to shoot a bullet at, pick a powder that provides that speed, load the bullet with one band sticking out of the case and shoot a group at 100 yards almost guaranteed to be under 1" on the first load. This may sounds too good to be true but every rifle we have tested them out of has produced these results. They may not be the prettiest bullets you have ever seen but they are guaranteed to be the most accurate, most devestating bullet you have ever shot. For close range to long range shooting to 600 yards, these bullets will be the bullet of choice for hunters insisting on the absolute best terminal performance and accuracy on the market.

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